Sean M. Haywood
June 15, 1979 - March 11, 2007
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Wichmann Funeral Home
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Thursday 3/15, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Wichmann Funeral Home
537 N. Superior Street
Appleton, WI 54911
920-739-1231 | Map
Wichmann Funeral Home
537 N. Superior Street
Appleton, WI 54911
920-739-1231 | Map
Tuesday 3/13

HAYWOOD, SEAN M. Sean Haywood, of Appleton, age 27 years, died unexpectedly on Sunday, March 11, 2007. He was born June 15, 1979 in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, the youngest son of Michael and Laura (Wyland) Haywood. Sean was a graduate of the welding program at Fox Valley Technical College. He was a successful certified welder…

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Jaime left a message on May 2, 2013:
Thinking of you, the day passed me by this year and I feel bad but honestly I don't want to remember that day anyway. I think we'd all rather celebrate the day of your birth than that other day. Anyhow, decorating Elle's room in angel wings. She now has her guardian angels up there along with you and a reminder of you all in her room. I'm a sap. Hmm. Please send hugs to Dorothy, Mary Sue and all the other angels up there and please keep watching over us. Elle's amazing, I know you see her, Uncle Sean - and her daddy, well he's just the best daddy any girl could ever have and still an amazing husband. :) Oh and Pepper Anne, you know, she's good too. :) Say hello to the Man Upstairs... xo -Jaim
Jaime left a message on October 19, 2012:
Hi Sean, It's been a long year and a hard one for your family...but we've all made it through. I know you and our other loved ones/guardian angels up there had something to do with helping your Dad through all his stuff - thank you. Elle was flipping through the old album we had made Dorothy and pointed out a picture of Steve, she said "Hi, Angel Sean!" I told her that it was her Daddy but that sometimes you guys do look alike because you're brothers. :) Then I pointed a picture of you out to her again. Funny, when she sneezes she tells me, "I had a big bless!", because we say "Bless you!" but I do think about how she is indeed blessed big time. :) We love you, just thinking of you. Say hello to the Man Upstairs for me and our other loved ones too. Please continue to watch over us and help keep us safe...xox -Jaim
Mom left a message on March 13, 2012:
Sean- how can it be 5 years? We were with friends this year- made salmon (yuck) and good mexican rice (yummm) It was OK. I went to the bathroom when you loss overwhelmed me, no public breakdown this year. I cry easily at other things, like work, I'm short tempered which is worse because of work (and you). But I'm funcitional. I still miss you so much. I felt you on the 11th- you rubbed my back. Such a feather light touch but it gave me comfort. Even after 5 years the thought, worry is "Are you at Peace and OK???" This is something I want to KNOW not just believe and faith is the key but it's just not working. So, I'll keep trying , you keep visiting and know I love you always. Jaime found a picture, it did remind me of you. He had the same defeted slump to his shoulders I've seen you with so many times. All it needed was your hair hanging down instead of the helmet I love you and miss you xoxo Mom
Jaime left a message on March 1, 2012:
Just stopping by to say hi. I know you, Mary Sue and your grandparents, among other angels, were watching over your dad recently. Thank you. We love you and miss you, saw a piece of artwork that reminded me of you today, originally from Berlin. Did you see it? Some days I wonder if you're up in Heaven smoking - or if Heaven is a smoke-free campus...ha! Hey, your dad quit, pretty awesome!!! Anyhow, take care - send hugs to everyone for us and keep watching over us. We love you. -Jaim
Jaime left a message on October 29, 2011:
Pt 3 Please, if you can, help guide me to be a better mom. I want to be, I just some days feel so guilty like I'm not doing enough. It's hard and I don't know why I feel this way...I stress about such little things for no reason. I hope it's just "first time mom" syndrome. I think it'll get easier. I am confident in my decisions for the most part - I think everyone thinks I lack confidence. I don't feel I lack it, I just feel like I'm trying my best but that I don't always know the right answer. I love Elle, that's all that's important, right? As long as she knows she's loved, that's the answer. Please keep watching over and protecting us, especially with the holidays nearing. I am really looking forward to the holidays, I want to decorate but it's only October! Something about Christmas, the spirit of it, I love it. Take care, Sean. -Jaime P.S. Elle sends her love too. We all do.
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
Jaime left a message on October 29, 2011:
Pt 2 - Today Elle was helping me fold laundry. By helping, I mean dressing her dolls & carrying piles around. One of the things she grabbed was that Aerosmith t-shirt you gave me. I looked outside & knew you were w/us at that moment. That's the thing - you're always w/us, whenever we think of you, I know you're there. I hope you're all doing well up there - of course, it's Heaven! :) Duh. Thanks for watching over Elle, she's amazing. Give hugs to Dorothy & Mary Sue for us, my Great Grandma, Larry, pets passed & others loved too. Please give the Big Man Upstairs a hug too. I fear, I've been distant lately & I need to buck up & get back to praying. I miss that time. I miss time. Oh but Elle is worth it all, I love her so much. Steve does too. He takes such good care of us & works so hard. I'm so lucky & blessed. I miss your parents. We used to talk on the phone all of the time & now at the end of the day I'm pooped! It'll get easier...the crazy time is just temporary. I know.
Jaime left a message on October 29, 2011:
Hi Sean (part 1) Sorry it's been a while. Does it slow down in Heaven, so we always have time to do the things we want? I hope you're enjoying your new eternal life up there & I hope you & Dorothy found each other. I know she's up there w/you too...I'm sure it was a sweet reunion. That comforts me to know you're together - I pray we'll all be together someday. I'm not trying to be morbid, but you know, I'm a sap! We all miss you & Dorothy too, please give her hugs for us. I really feel like you guys are here w/ her, watching over her. There's a picture in Elle's room, my grandma gave it to her - of an angel watching over 2 children crossing a broken bridge. Elle for the longest time, ever since she got that, would point to the angel & say "G.G.!" - she always points up & says it in our room too. Or, sometimes I'll walk into her room & she'll be standing in her crib, pointing at the corner. Nothing's there, that I can see - but I feel it's the both of you. I believe it, anyway.
momma left a message on August 10, 2011:
well honey- it's official- Grammie is now with you now and your headstone is in place. Kind of make this whole thing final. Now I have two very special people to miss. Elle is getting bigger everyday. Gary is crazy about her and I think it's so sweet to watch the baby & da' bear. He's really a softie- as you well know. Steve is such a good Daddy. Jaime is so loving with her- I do not like them so far away- but we can't move back there. I wish you could have seen where we are now- you so would have enjoyed it. The mountians are beautiful and the look of them changes daily- very subtle but changes. well child of mine- until later, kiss Grammie for me xoxo Momma
Momma left a message on May 7, 2011:
Hi sweetie- it's been a long time since I visited with you. I think of you so often and I miss you. Elle has your blue eyes... I don't think she is a old soul because she has such a twinkle in her eyes. I see some of you when I look at her. It's beautiful to see but it reminds me how much I miss you. Jaime is doing a great job of telling Elle about you. She is the most comfortable about talking about you. Gary misses you so much- we talked about you last night. We all still miss you and I know we always will. Grandma was really out of it today. She thinks she was at a coffee shop in Villa Park. She knows things like you are gone- but she's confused. I don't think it will be too long until she is with you. Then I will have the comfort of knowing the two of you are together. Somehow my dad and Billy don't give me the same feeling. well child of mine- I love you and miss you. Forever
Jaime left a message on March 11, 2011:
Hi Sean. I don't like to remember this day. It popped up on me late this week, didn't even realize until this morning & then I felt like an ass. You're not forgotten, I just can't keep track of days anymore. Are you enjoying watching Elle? Whenever I make her food w her in my arm, we look at your pic on the fridge. I point to you for her & tell her who you are & that you love her & are watching over her. She smiles. She knows. Steve & I are finally starting to get somewhat used to this parenthood thing. It's getting a little easier. It's still hard but she's a joy so totally worth it. She smiles, all day. I love her! She loves her daddy too, total daddy's girl! Elle's crying so I'm going to cut it short. Hey, um, if you could help with her sleeping, that would be fab. We love & miss you. Please help those affected by the tsunami that hit Japan today. Say hello to the Man Upstairs for me, Mary Sue, Larry, my great grandma, others loved too. xo -Jaim
Jaime left a message on October 1, 2010:
Just stopping by to say hi, Elle's on me in her carrier wrap sleeping & I thought you might like to see her. She's doing great. Everyone still misses & loves you, what are you doing up there right now? I like to pretend that you & MarySue are perhaps helping God pick out the perfect paint colors for this season's Fall leaves...ha ha! Or in your parents' case, the Fall sunsets. Anyhow, Elle just wanted to say hi to her Uncle Sean, that's all. Thanks for helping keep her healthy for us - we love her so much. She's so beautiful & pretty amazing! You know that though. :) Take care, give a hug to MarySue & The Man Upstairs for me. Also, if you happen to see Mary Sherman up there, that's my great grandma - please give her a hug from me too. :) Please continue to watch over Elle for us. Thanks Sean - we love you!
Jaime left a message on July 3, 2010:
Hi Sean. This baby's due very soon. You probably have a better idea as to when she's going to arrive, so feel free to let us know somehow! Hope you're well up there, we miss you. Say hi to Mary Sue for us, please! Give her hugs, ok? It's 2:17am & Steve's sleeping, but I can't. I feel like a sumo wrestler w/this baby belly of mine! Yet another reason why I can't wait to meet her. We're so excited! Steve talks to her, it's the sweetest thing & rubs my belly. I love him so much, I can only imagine how much I'll love her once she arrives since she's a part of him too. Amazing, that we created a life together! A little miracle. I know you're watching over us, please watch over Elle & help keep her safe through this scary delivery if you can. I'm sure it's not going to be too scary but I'm a wimp so um, yeah - I'm scared. And excited. All at once. Weird. I'm babbling. On that note, take care, give my love to God & don't forget you still have Uncle Sean duties! We love you!
Jaime left a message on March 12, 2010:
We miss you, Sean. Elle is almost here, she's set to arrive July 11th. You're going to be an uncle and I so wish you could be here for this, I know Steve does too. But you will be, in spirit. Elle will know you, I promise. I didn't want to write you yesterday because it was the "anniversary" date. I don't like to remember that date, sorry. I'd rather remember your birthday. Though you know I'm bad at remembering birthdays...ha ha! So I'm writing you today instead. :) I know it's been a few months since I've last written and I'm sorry...while you've been in my thoughts, my eyeballs have been glued to baby books! So we're having a girl, Sean! You knew it. Steve's thrilled. We're naming her "Elle Lauren Haywood". Elle because we've always loved the name and the middle name Lauren after both our moms. Sean, I know you're there. I know you can read this, I know you're here in spirit. I trust and believe it. I know one day we'll all meet again...I know you're in a more peaceful place now...I pray your family can find some peace too...but it will always be hard. Anyhow, I know my words are all over the board here, as they most often are when I write you, but I just wanted to stop and say hi, send some love up to Heaven from Elle to her uncle and from us too...we love you, Sean! Elle just kicked, see? Pretty neat. Say hello to The Man Upstairs for me, will you? Sincerely, Jaim
Momma left a message on March 1, 2010:
Sweetie- I can't believe you have been gone for almost 3 years. I still miss you so much. I am working hard to get better. I still cry too much, hurt too bad and the hole in my heart will always have your name on it. good news I'm gonna be a grandma! She is a little girl. Her name is Elle. I wish you you could be here to hold her too. You had so much love to offer. confused- troubled-yes but I always thought you be here. I love you always xoxox
Matt Schmit left a message on February 4, 2010:
Sean, Have not talked about you lately, but it doesn't mean that a week goes by that i dont think of you. I am going thru a church group and we talk that we need to love people no matter where they are in their lives, and i want you to kno w that i loves you, and still love you. You have taught me some lessons in life and helped me a better man. I love the haywood family and really hope we all can get back together and enjoy eachothers company. I am just starting to understand more about my religion and how you are with God. Laura, Mike, Gary, Stephen u are my family and we all need to communicate more i love you all. I am just learning how much you can enjoy life when you love yourself and how life can be so much enjoyable when God is in your life. Sean your job is to beour angels and watch over us and give us a sign when we are drifting off the path of success in life. Love ya all.
Jaime left a message on December 7, 2009:
Hi Sean. Sorry it's been a while. I'm sure you're aware Steve & I found out I'm pregnant, you're going to be an uncle! I feel like God knocked on our door & ding-dong-ditched us w/a special delivery. We've thought of this day but never knew when it would happen. I put it in God's hands, which is why I have every bit of Faith that this baby is in His will. I'll try my best to be a good mom & I know Steve is going to be an amazing dad! YOU, however, are not getting out of your uncle duties, dear. Since you can't be here on Earth, I know you'll be helping protect our baby from up above. It's nice to know you & Mary Sue will be it's guardian angels. So gear up, Uncle Sean! Maybe we'll move your ashes into the baby's room to watch over it at night. Do you already know what "it" is? I think we're having a boy. We just pray the baby is healthy. Sean, we're supposed to have a snow storm keep us safe, please? ;) We love & miss you, give a hug to the Man Upstairs for me. -xo Jaim
Mike Haywood left a message on November 16, 2009:
Sean, How am I SUPPOSED to feel? I know some people are mad, angry at you and disappointed. Maybe if I had been a perfect father I could blame you. But I don't, I can't. You decided to do what you did, and I accept that. What I can't accept is that you believed it was your way out. I just look at it as a desperate act by you to stop the pain you felt. I wish you could have reached out to us but you didn't. Maybe if I had been more approachable you could have. But you didn't. I accept that. Mom aches and grieves. Gary misses his Bud. Steve yearns for the lost opportunity to have a better relationship, and I want to feel SOMETHING again! I hope you are finally happy, and can somehow help us left behind to find happiness again. The Big Guy Dad
Mary Schmit left a message on October 26, 2009:
I sure hope you were listening in on my class Friday. I was telling one of my classes about you. See, they asked me why Red Ribbon Week is so important to me. I decided to open up to them, even though it was very hard for me to talk about you. I told them how addiction took your life. They were speechless...quite the surprise if you knew my students. You see... I think it is important for me to share your story. I am fortunate enough to be able to influence the lives of my kids, so sharing my pain might help them. I hope you don't mind! It helps me to think that we can use our loss to help teach others!
Momma left a message on September 3, 2009:
Dear Sean, things have been really tough for me and dad. He is on med's to cope with the sadness. I and trying to give up the guilt-- the self blame for the pain you were in and the fact you didn't feel you could reach out to me. Could you really believe I'd be dissapointed and disapproving because you slipped... How could you think my love for you was so shallow. How could you believe you were so unworthy that this was better than reaching out to someone for help??? I keep thinking that somehow I missed the boat in letting you know how unconditional my love for you was. I think of your last moments-- alone, feeling unloved,ashamed,defeated. No one should suffer thru that. I love you and miss you so much, warts and all. You are my son. I hope you are at peace. That peace I'm trying so hard to believe in for you is the only thing that keeps me from losing it. with love forever Mom
Stephen Hatywood left a message on August 31, 2009:
Sean, I love you, and have always loved you my whole life. My heart breaks when I think of the choice you made. I want to forgive you....but I don't know how. It was a selfish and hurtful act. I can't let you go...even when you suck...and I still cry so much. I hope you find the peace that you could not have in life...I hope the endless is eternal...and I hope that another day we'll meet again. You have and always will be my brother, my family, and my friend. As bitterly as we fought....we are united. I would lay my own life down for you if I could. Yours Eternally, Steve
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
Jaime left a message on July 27, 2009:
Hi Sean, Just stopping by again to say hello. I almost bought Mint Milano cookies today but then realized how much saturated fat is in I put them back. As you know, I'm trying to quit smoking and for some reason, I'm craving the sweets more than ever now! So if you could help me stay on track that would be great...your mom suggested maybe holding my rosary she gave me after you passed, as a way to get me through and that has maybe you're a part of that too. Ok I'm so tired of obsessing over this quitting smoking thing so I'm going to stop talking about it now...sorry. Um, wearing the Aerosmith t-shirt you gave me, today, by the way! I think they're coming to town soon. Why do I always leave you random babblings on here? It's like I'm updating you on life but really it's probably silly since I'm sure you already know because you can see from above...I guess I just imagine that if you have email in Heaven, it might be fun for you to get these. Who knows. I'm weird, I know. But please know, as usual, that you're loved & missed by everyone still...very much. I'm not going to get sappy, I'm just going to keep this happy. Send my love to the Man Upstairs... We love you, Jaim xo
Jaime left a message on July 9, 2009:
Hi Sean, I know it's been a few months since I've written but I'm sure you don't mind since I've kept in touch with you through random (maybe some might think weird) chit chats throughout the You know, when I see your pic on the side of the fridge. I always say hi, and you smiling in the pic makes me believe that yes, indeed you are listening and do hear me talk to you. I know you're still with us...always will be. I know you see me during the day when Steve's at work and I'm looking frumpy w/no makeup because I'm geeking on the computer working on my blog - ha ha! Anyhow, Steve & I are doing good, he still misses you and hurts but he's working towards dealing with it in more productive ways...eventually I hope he can find someone to talk to to let out his anger and sadness. I try to comfort him with my Faith in God and the fact I know you're in Heaven looking down on us. When it was your birthday, I told Steve, "Hey, Sean's probably up there laughing, wishing he could tease us because he'll always be in his 20's - while the rest of us grow grey hair." I wonder, have you kept your long hair up there or did God ask you to um, cut it at the gates? Maybe he just gave you a ponytail holder to keep it neat and clean. ;) Who knows. I'm babbling like I always do, trying to imagine what you're doing in Heaven and how it is and who you've met up there or reconnected with, etc. How's Mary Sue? Please send my love to her again. I wish I could mail you a postcard to Heaven that says, "Wish you were here", but you know we all wish it. Too bad I don't have your email address in Heaven, your inbox would be full! You're probably thankful for that, I know you can still read this I do and will continue to stop by. We miss you, we all really , really miss you. You were special to me because you became a brother to me, even if only for a short were a good brother to me, so I thank you. I'm blessed & lucky to have Gary as my brother too, & to call your family my family. You belong to one amazing family, you know that? Of course you do. You miss us, I know you do - but I hope you've at least found peace and are enjoying whatever fun stuff goes on up there. Is it weird? Please say hi to the Man Upstairs for me and hug him for me if you can. Love you Sean, take care & talk soon... xo -Jaim
Jaime left a message on July 9, 2009:
P.S. Ok, so remember when you helped us paint the red wall in our old townhome? Well you know I painted our new home with a red wall in the living room in honor of you...sad to say I've accidentally chipped the corner by the chair - whoopsies! ;) I'll fix it. And you know what? No matter where we move, my plan is to always paint a wall red to remember you by. Your mom keeps an angel in her backyard and I keep a red wall. I'm afraid I'll never be as good a painter as you were though! Are you painting up there? Love you, (((HUGS))) Jaim
(((your Mom))) left a message on June 28, 2009:
My sweet baby... I'm still so sad. I go to walters and cry. i miss you so much. you know you killed part of me when you left. I am working on closing that wound- but it is soooooo large. How could you think this was a good answer? why, why why still runs in my head like little ants. I know i'll never have a reason, but i want one. jaime has such faith you are there and listening. i wish i could feel you one more time. on good days, i am grateful you are at peace finally. then on the bad days i feel like howling in pain at the loss you have placed in all our lives. I want to be whole again. I see other mothers who are in the same boat I am and I know whole isn't going to happen. I can work towards adjustment, adapt to what is missing (you) but it never ever goes back to the safe, whole world it was before you died. I get so very tired of just trying to keep my head above water. Steve and Jaime are a great comfort to me. Jaime because of her faith and continued contact with you. and steve because he understands my confusion and the fact I am trying to resolve this in my heart and mind. Gary seems very angry at you. Dad is still in some sort of weird it doesn't hurt to much place. I think he stays there because I can't keep my legs under me for long. Peggy is angry at you because she feels like you've stolen much of my heart and spirt. (some ways she is right). I love you my sad trouble child. I want to hold you and comfort you and let you know you didn't need to do this. Be at peace. love forever Mom
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi Sean, Sitting here while Steve's at work, talking to you like I'm crazy or something but whatever - I have Faith & I truly believe you can hear me. However, just in case your floating around Nevada or Wisconsin or somewhere else besides here in our kitchen, I thought I'd write a note to let you know I'm thinking of you. I do miss you, we all do - very much, still...and always will. I hope you're doing well, please continue watching over us and give the Man Upstairs a hug for me because I know He has helped us through a lot these past couple of years. Anyhow, just checking remind you you're thought of always. Please keep practicing those haunting skills so you can visit your family in their dreams or something nice like that. Steve misses you a lot...he grieves quietly, mostly, but I know you're on his mind always...I can tell. We love you - Jaim P.S. Ok, so this is weird too - but you remember our cat, Pepper Anne? She's constantly looking up at the corners of our rooms & the ceiling and while it used to freak me out, I've decided it's probably just you trying to visit. Am I right? ;)
Kevin Cook left a message on April 6, 2009:
Haywood's, My prayers are with you all in this time of mourning.
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi, Sean. The year is almost over, and while it's been a tough year it seems it's getting a little easier...though still hard. Lots of things going on, as I'm sure you already know as you look down on us and watch. We've moved into our new home, and I painted the living room wall red in honor of you...since you painted our first red wall in our first townhome. It is finished now and looks nice, however while painting I got angry, I was trying to remember the techniques you were sharing with me to make sure there were no lines, and I couldn't for the life of me I was missing you while painting it, wishing you could have been there again to help. But I painted on, and got it done, and even though you weren't here, you must have helped me because there aren't any lines!!! :) Anyhow, just wanted to send a hello, let you know we're thinking of you and we miss and love you. All of us. The holidays will be hard, we're going to visit your parents and while I'm sure we'll still have a nice time, I know it's still going to be hard on everyone. But I know you're here with us in spirit. Hope you like the spot we placed you in our kitchen...funny, your mom said I could place you in a drawer for now, maybe my lingerie drawer or something, and I laughed, told her I'd wake up the next day and find my cute pj's in the garbage...ha ha. It's good to laugh sometimes, although at first I felt bad joking about you, but I know it's all good, and I think your mom is glad when I talk about you. It's still hard on Steve, I think, but he seems to be doing ok. I know he'll talk more about you when he's ready. Anyhow, take care my new and forever brother, God Bless, and keep working on your haunting skills, ok? (((HUGS))) Merry Christmas, Sean. Love, Jaime
wayne huempfner left a message on April 6, 2009:
So very sorry for your loss. I and my family are in Puerto Rico, our sincere condolences. Our prayers are for you, Mike, Laura and your family. Keep the faith.
Michelle Seidl left a message on April 6, 2009:
Deepest sympathies for your loss so great. My condolances and prayers are with your family.
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi, Sean. I just thought I'd stop by and say hello since it's been a while. I hope you're doing well up there. Anyhow, not many words right now but just wanted to let you know you're thought of often and loved by all of us. Take Care, tell the Man Upstairs I say hi... Love, Jaime
Colleen Huss left a message on April 6, 2009:
I am very sorry for your loss, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Chris Dantoin left a message on April 6, 2009:
I think the pain we experience from the loss of someone so dear to us is to lets us remember forever, a simple smile, a tender touch, a joyful laugh, and just how much we really love them in this life and into the next. All are hearts and prayers are with you.
steve &candy r. left a message on April 6, 2009:
marilyn and seans family, we were informed of seans passing last night, our prayers are with you all at this time, marilyn sean and you were lucky too have each other if even for a short time gods blessings steve and candy
walter kukla left a message on April 6, 2009:
"Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone"....we don't always appreciate the "day to day" stuff, but, my friend, you've given me that. Your passing will not be in vain, and I choose to celebrate your life. You are missed, and will not be forgotten. I'm all in!!!!!! Much love to all, wk
Steve Haywood left a message on April 6, 2009:
I love you...I miss you...I hope this hurt goes away. Be at peace my brother. Love, Steve
Marilyn left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi, Baby. I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and I know that all of us that loved you (and still love you) are doing the same. We missed you at my Christmas party this year-remember how crazy I get trying to get everything ready??? I know you didn't miss THAT. :0) I dreamed of you and you were beautiful and healthy and smiling, your long hair kind of blowing in the breeze. You were bathed in a light, an aura, the color of a sky at sunset-a really warm orange. I want to believe you came to see me and to let me know you're okay, and you're finally at peace. It was so powerful, that dream/visit. I love you Sean, I still think about you every day. The other day I thought about last Thanksgiving and your Catch Phrase clue that made everybody speechless, and laughed. I was able to laugh at a memory for the first time without it hurting so much and being followed by pain. Merry Christmas, honey. Love you-Kitten.
Bonnie Garner left a message on April 6, 2009:
Even as I celebrate Kristen's wedding this week, Mike and Laura and Aunt Dutch, please know I carry sorrow in my heart for you. The memories of our children playing together are forever my treasure. Peace be with you. Bonnie
Steve Haywood left a message on April 6, 2009:
To my brother, Sean....I love you! Each and every day I have thoughts about you and I cannot find the strength to face them. Your passing haunts me, with the knowledge that I will never see your face again...or hear your voice. I can't sound cheery, because my heart is broken...but you understand, don't you. We never had the chance to discuss so many things...but I hope that you are at peace now. A pity you will never know my children, or if Gary finally marries Lisa, or if Mom and Dad are at peace, but you gave that up with your choice. I wish I could be more kind...but I am so angry with you right now, I can't. Possibly due to the anger I have a last wish for you...that you have a chance to see the things you will never truly experience, that you can watch our family grow stronger as a result of this, and that you miss what you gave up. I will always love you, and while I may seem spiteful, please understand that in truth...its my broken heart speaking. Your Brother Always, Steve
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi, Sean. I was out the other day with Steve and we saw someone who looked SO much like you, it was weird. Even though I know you're with us each day in spirit, it was hard to see someone walk through the door who reminded us so much of you. Anyhow, it's fall here, the trees are turning colors and the leaves are falling, as it does each year. It reminds me of how death is part of life, and even if sometimes we don't like it, it's just what it is. It'll happen to all of us someday, but what I hope is that someday we really do meet again. I hope we will. All of us. I truly believe with all my heart we'll meet again. Since I got back from Nevada, seeing your parents, I've been having very vivid dreams...wacky ones too. In one of them you were a school teacher. To the angels. Funny, I never would have thought of you as a school teacher, but hey, you never know! lol Seeing you so good with the kids/angels made me wish so much you'd be here when it's time for us to have kids. You're going to be "Uncle Sean" someday. When we don't know yet, but someday. And I promise you our kids will know of you, and love you. They'll just have to pray to talk to you, rather than use the phone, that's all. :) What I'm saying is you'll never be forgotten. Steve was talking to me the other night how hard it is that life goes on, even after tragedy. He's glad it does, but I think sometimes he wishes life would just slow down to really grasp life in itself. This year has flown by, but what's hard (on him) I think, is that nobody completly understands what it's like to lose someone, unless that someone is you...then you take the time to remember that person, but to everyone else, life just moves on. It's easier. And I know it'll get easier for us too, but we still remember you. We haven't forgotten. We never will forget you. Just know that, and know we still love and miss you dearly...and even if life goes on, as it will because that's how it is, well just know you'll continue on our hearts. Maybe I'm not making any sense here...but it's just what's on my mind right now. So take care, keep learning how to "haunt" and help watch over us. We love you!!! Love, Jaime
Jaime and Steve left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, we just got home, safe, from Wisconsin after saying goodbye to you for I know we'll see you again someday. I listened to your message on our machine a few times, you were wishing me a happy birthday and told both Steve and I that you love us. I'm keeping that message, and know we love and miss you dearly...but we know you are still with us in spirit. We love you so so much. I hope you get to read this, but regaurdless I know you know we love you. Love Always, Jaime & Steve xox
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, I was just thinking about the time you came over to help us paint our red wall in our then townhome. That wall you painted for us, was my favorite thing about that house...and you gave it to us. You did SUCH a great job at it too! It was so sweet of you to do that, just one of the great memories we have of you. Anyhow, we're just thinking of you, so take care of you, where ever you may be, as I know you are still with us in spirit. We love you Sean, so so much. Love Always, Jaime & Steve xox
LTC Mike Baker, 432nd CA Bn left a message on April 6, 2009:
Haywood’s, Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Lance Steidl left a message on April 6, 2009:
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of mourning. My deepest condolances and so sorry for you loss.
Phil left a message on April 6, 2009:
Dear Sean and Marilyn and Mr and Mrs Haywood: Sean, you are gone from this plane but shall not be forgotten. Every time we play cards I will honor your presence and bet with vigor. I honor you and all who loved you with this brief poem. Seven and twenty is not enough time Ending your journey an idea not mine And in knowing you I'm blessed my friend Not having these memories my heart could not mend. If you didn't notice the first letter of each verse spells SEAN. I shall miss you and I am proud to call you my friend.
Aunt Marsha left a message on April 6, 2009:
Dear Sean,Laura,Michael,Stephen,Gary, You are all deeply loved by Jim, and me. We have fond memories of doughnut wake-up calls on Sunday mornings. We even joked with you, Sean, last time we saw you about home-made pumpkin pie. All of you still on earth with us, are always welcome to be with us. All of our offspring love you also. Jim and I will pray for you and I will have my classes keep you in their prayers also. Love, Aunt Marsha
Toni Johnson left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, We love you so much and will miss you. I always appreciated your honesty and I told you that on more than one occasion. We will cherish the memories we have of you. New Years Eve 2006 was a special time for those of us who brought in 2007 together. You will always be loved my friend. Toni
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi, Sean. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello, thinking of you and hoping you're at peace. Steve and I are doing good...though I know he still misses you tons. He got to hang out with your cousin Jason the other day, it was nice they were able to talk about you a little. I know he's still sad inside but he seems to be coping ok. I hope so know how he likes to keep things bottled up sometimes. But I'm trying to keep him happy, even though I know it's ok for him to be sad sometimes. It's funny, the minute I started typing, our cat Pepper Anne walked into the kitchen, I think she wanted me to say hi to you for her! :) Even though when you met her she had a "hissy fit"...but you know Pepper, ha ha, she has social anxiety issues. She's getting better though! :) You're probably laughing at me right now up there in Heaven. It's ok. I hope you are. I think God laughs at me too sometimes. I know He laughs at Steve & I sometimes, as we're so goofy when together! But it's fun. I'm going to visit your parents soon, and I'm excited to see them. I promise I'll give them a big hug for you, ok? And when we go visit Gary we'll do the same. Random thought...but whenever I go grocery shopping I'm tempted to buy Mint Milano cookies...but haven't been able to since you left us. I plan to eat them eventually, but I want to wait I think, for a special occasion. Or maybe I'll eat one for you next year in March. I like to think, as I've told you before on here, that you've saved one for me out of the ones I gave to you at your wake...I know we'll meet again someday, and when that day comes it's milk and cookies, sound good? :) I am hoping nobody thinks I'm crazy, talking to you like this but I still believe you can hear/read my thoughts. I believe you are with us spirit and in our hearts of course! We love you, Sean, and miss you very much. Take care of you, and take care of us, too, ok? I am sure you've got a voice up there in Heaven, so even though I pray to God please ask Him to always protect us, all of us, your family, friends and loved ones. Love and miss you. (((HUGS))) Jaime
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
God Bless Sean. "Do not stand beside my grave and weep, For I'm not there, I do not sleep, I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond's glint on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn's rain. When you awaken in morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circle flight, I am soft stars that shine at night, Do not stand beside my grave and cry, I am not there. I did not die."
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi, Sean...just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you and that we love & miss you. There's so much going on right now, life's once again gotten very busy as it often does. But there's chill time, down time...good times. And we still remember you and think of you often. Your parents made Steve & Gary a video collage, with pictures of all of you growing up. I know that helps Steve see you, think of you, and let out his feelings, which is hard but nice. Sad. I hope the sun comes out...winter has been very gloomy and cloudy, but please keep being our angel looking down on all of us from up above. I know you're there for us, in every moment, every day. We love you, Sean. Love, Jaime
Mary left a message on April 6, 2009:
I was just looking at the invitation for Gary's wedding, Sean. I wish that you could be there in body, but I'm sure your spirit will be present. You are missed everyday, and I know that day will carry mixed feelings for the family. I am so happy that Gary found someone with whom he wants to share the rest of his life. You looking down on us all? I know you are...
Mary Schmit left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, I've been thinking about you so much over the last few weeks. We've been cleaning out Gram's condo and coming across pictures and drawings, etc. I found a drawing that had two cartoony stick figure people. One was labeled Sean and the other Matt. Above the picture, it said "The Best of Friends". I don't know who drew, Matt, myself...but it made me want to cry. We were all so close as kids, although years and miles kept us separate for our adult years. Please know that we think of you often!
Marilyn left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, I read the words of your family, friends and people who loved you, and it both lifts and saddens my spirit. It's comforting to know that so many of us love you and still think about you so often. I think about you every day. But it's heartbreaking to know that we all have so much pain for your loss, for the tragedy of this reality that you have left us. I still have days where I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED-I can't believe you did this-and other days where there are small, short bursts of acceptance, but it comes slowly, and roughly. Anyway, Sean, bottom line is, I love you, I will always love you, I miss you, I think about you all the time, and my wish, as is Jaime's (and all of ours I imagine) is that you are at peace. And yes, please come visit if you can. Bye for now, sweetie.
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Dear Sean, Today I went to the book store, and came across a book called "90 Minutes In Heaven". It's supposedly a true story of death and life, written by Don Piper. I believe we all wonder what Heaven is like, I know that I have my ideas as to what it may be like. I also believe in Heaven on earth. I believe and pray you are in Heaven. Mostly I pray you are at peace. And I pray your family and loved ones can heal and find peace too. I look forward to this book, and hope to pass it on to Steve to read too. Some may be skeptical of "Encounters with heaven" stories...whether they are true or not, I still believe there's a piece of heaven in all our eyes. After I bought the book it made me think of you...and what your experience up there has been like. I know you may not have been very religious, and I hope others are not offended by my words, but for me personally, I have my Faith and can't help but Believe. I know we all still miss and love you, Sean. And I hope you are doing well. Random babblings I write here sometimes, but some days I just have overwhelming feelings of God in our life and it forces me to wonder how you are. Hope you're doing ok, and feel free to haunt us in a good way once in a remind us you're still with us in spirit. Much Love, Jaime (((HUGS))) P.S. Though no longer here on earth, I'm still happy you became my brother. :) And I promise to keep taking care of Steve the best I can.
Mary Schmit left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, I've been thinking about you so much lately. Unfortunately, I probably think about you more now than I did during the last years of your life. I wish I could have changed that. I suppose they are right when they say hindsight is 20/20. I can't believe it has been almost a year since you left us. It still hurts me, so I can't imagine what your parents and brothers must be going through. Miss you!
Jaime Haywood left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi Sean, So I was just watching the news, and I heard that today is "El Dia De Los Angelitos", or something along those lines...otherwise known as "All Saints Day", where the angels come down from Heaven to comfort their grieving loved ones. It's also when "family and friends pray for and remember friends and relatives who have died." Traditions include building private altars, using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods & beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts". Ok, so Sean, I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy right's ok, I know I'm weird. But I don't know how I forgot about this, I went to Catholic school & learned about it, lol. Oops. But I still love you - you're still my new brother and I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much you're loved & missed. This weekend I'll be thiking of you, but know that you're thought of every day, by all of us. While we missed you at Gary & Julie's wedding, I know you were still there with us. On our way home from Wisconsin, once we got closer to home, Steve & I were listening to the radio and like, 4 or 5 songs came on, all different stations, and each song was about angels. I truly believe that was your way of letting us know you are still with us. I try, really hard, to look for signs of you around...whether it's a candle flame dancing or a song, or a card that falls off our fireplace w/no wind around. These little things make me feel better because even if it isn't you magically making them happen, it still reminds me of you and makes me remember that you'll always be with us, not only in our hearts, but in our souls and always in our minds. I pray for you all the time and hope you're doing well up there in Heaven - I know you're there - I pray to God and I just know you're up there, looking down on us all. Who knows what you're doing up there, or what it's like, but someday I know we'll all meet again. Sean, please do haunt us if you can - and please send comfort somehow to the rest of your family. Steve misses you - I know he does. He may not know how to deal with the pain yet, but I know he misses you...he watches our wedding video w/you in it a lot, it's his time with you. I'm glad he does it...even if it is hard on him. Anyhow, I'm babbling - just wanted to send my love - our love. Tell the Man Upstairs I say hello, ok? Love you - Love Always, Jaime (((HUGS)))
Marilyn left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, I think about you all the time. I miss you so much. I can't believe you've been gone a month already. I look at your pictures every day-especially the one of you and me and Phil and Toni on New Year's Eve-we are all laughing and so happy. I can't believe you're gone. I missed you on Easter-last Easter was the first time you met all my family in Oshkosh. I'm so sad, baby, so sad sometimes I feel my heart will break. Please be at peace, I want that more than anything, except of course to have you back here with me, and have this all just be a bad dream. I love you baby.
Jaime left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hi Sean. Today was the day it happened, though I don't like to remember this day as that. I do like to remember you, because no matter what you're family & always will be, even if you are in Heaven. We miss you. I think everyone made it through ok today even though it was hard. It's never going to be easy...because everyone loves you. And misses you. But the fact is that you're still with us in spirit - I know that. I do know that. I think we're all trying our best to continue to live life to the fullest, remembering you but also making new I'm sure you'd want it that way. As we make new memories, you're still with us while they happen, even if we can't see you. I still have strong Faith you're looking down on us, protecting and watching over us each day. It's still so weird and so hard to believe...I feel like one moment I knew you and had a new brother and the next minute you were gone - while I wish you were still here you are not forgotten, nor are you gone forever because I know we'll all see you again someday. I'm not trying to sound mushy or preachy, though it may come off that way. I'm just writing what I'm feeling right now, I hope that's ok. I know everyone still hurts and I wish so badly I could take that pain away. I know the pain will never fully disappear but I hope it becomes less difficult for your family and friends who are still suffering from what happened. Including your brothers and your's hard. It sucks. It really does suck. Sean, we miss you, a lot. I know you are at peace though, I pray for it every day. Please say hello to Mary Sue for me, she was another one I wish I had gotten to know better. The sweetest lady, she had a smile like no other and her hugs were the best. I hope you've both found each other up there in Heaven. Please say hello to the others we know who have passed, and please say hello to the Big Man Upstairs. ;) The past couple of years have been rough, but I think this year might get better for everyone, even though the economy is bad right now. I'm sure you've seen what's been going on - even the price of cigarettes went up - almost $50/carton!!! It's time to really is. Can you help us quit, Sean? Thanks, man! ;) We love you. Take care, talk soon - Love, Jaime (((HUGS)))
Jaime & Steve left a message on April 6, 2009:
Hey Sean, wondering how you are doing. Are you up there in heaven playing pool with God? Who's the better pool player? I have to joke sometimes, I'm sorry...but you never know, right? Wondering what it's like up there, as today it's beautiful outside. Beautiful days like today, 75 degrees out, sunny, breezy, not a cloud in the sky, make me think of God, and lately when I think of God I wonder how you are. I still pray for you all the time, that you've found peace. You know you're not forgotten, by any of us. The other day Steve and I watched the sunset, and I told him it was "God painting". I know it's hard for Steve right now, but I keep trying to help him find peace too. I find it through God, so I try to offer that to him too. Anyhow, just sending our love up to you. You are loved and missed, every day. Take care, and keep reminding us you're still with us in spirit. Love, Jaime xoxo
Mary Schmit left a message on April 6, 2009:
I cannot express my feelings right now and know that I am not alone. I am proud to have had a cousin like Sean, someone with whom I shared my childhood. Perhaps it was because we are only 6 months apart in age, but we were paired up from the start. I will never forget the countless hours we spent picking pears off of the tree at Grandma and Grandpa's house, or the picnics when Grams would cut our sandwiches into triangles. At the same time, I will never forget the adventures we had in the "swamp" behind your house in Elmhurst or putting toys down the laundry chute. I am glad to know that you are with Grandpa now. Someday we will be reunited to play "cops and robbers" again. I love you and all of our family.
Amanda left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean, I only met you briefly and am sad I did not get to know you better. Even in that brief time, you left an impression of being such a kind, gentle soul. I know you loved my sister, Marilyn, and she loved you with all of her heart. That love does not stop now, but endures for all time. You are part of our family and always will be. We all miss you and are deeply saddened that you are gone from this earth. You will live in our hearts forever. Peace be with you and all those you loved.
Marilyn left a message on April 6, 2009:
My sweet, sweet Sean. My baby. I miss you so much. You touched my life so briefly, but so deeply. Like a shooting star. You gave me the gift of knowing what it is to truly be loved, and you gave me the honor of being allowed to love you. I was so proud of all your accomplishments, and of the man I watched you become. When I was happy or excited, when something good happened, you're the first person I couldn't wait to share it with. When I was sad or hurting, all I needed was your arms around me, telling me, "It'll be okay, baby." You were my best friend. All I ever wanted for you was for you to be happy and to find peace. Oh Sean Oh Baby I love you.
Andi B. left a message on April 6, 2009:
Dear Marilyn, I will always cherish the dinners and comedy club adventures of our "double dates". Remembering that Sean's dinner stories were MUCH funnier than the comedians' that one night (remember how bad they were?). Sean will always be held very close to my heart. Especially for all he and Mike did together in the summer of 2006, what a blessing he was. If there is anything I can do, just let me know...I love you very much, Sweetie.
Reuben Kaye left a message on April 6, 2009:
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of mourning. My deepest condolances. Reuben Kaye
Jim Holstrom left a message on April 6, 2009:
Our sincere sympathy to the Haywood families. With Love, Mary Sue & Jim
Kristen Holstrom left a message on April 6, 2009:
I am usually a very chatty person but I find I have no words. Mike and Laura, know you are loved by many and supported by all.
Stephanie and Jeremy Kohler left a message on April 6, 2009:
Our deepest sympathies to your family.
William J Boettcher left a message on April 6, 2009:
Our sincerest condolences to you and your family. Wil and Jes
Diane Holstrom (Cousin DiDi) left a message on April 6, 2009:
My heart is full of emotions that I am not always the best at expressing. I'm usually pretty quiet, just taking it all in, but anyone who really knows me knows that Gary, Stephen and Sean all held a special place in my heart. Many good memories reside there with them. My heart goes out especially to my cousin, Michael, who has always been a softie at heart, and Laura, a great "cousin-in-law". One memory I will always remember was one our our family holiday picnics when all the kids were little and Sean and Kristen had a special attachment that day. They went around arm in arm all day. Sean was really making his moves that day! We have our memories..and those we can keep forever.
Sue and Larry Bai left a message on April 6, 2009:
Please know we are thinking of you. Our sincerest condolences to you and your family. Love. Sue and Larry
Peggy-Sue Niemczyk left a message on April 6, 2009:
The Silence of your Peace You left without warning Sean, and now we're left with the Silence of your Peace. The Silence of your Peace will help Calm the torrents of grief your parents will endure. The Silence of your Peace will Cradle your brothers as the remember your friendship. The Silence of your Peace will Comfort your Grandmother as she reflects and prays. The Silence of your Peace will Confirm that Marilyn's love is real and un-ending. All of your friends and extensions of your family, You have given them all the Silence of your Peace. And we accept that Silence Sean, With love and understanding
Sheila Flaherty left a message on April 6, 2009:
We love you and are very sorry for your loss. Sheila and Michaella Flaherty
Rick Dillman left a message on April 6, 2009:
Sean was one of the good guys. I could aways count on him to complete an assignment, show for work on time and complete the work at hand. I placed him at two different company's and there was nothing but praise for Sean, his skills and work ethic. He was a joy to meet with and discuss employment opportunities. Sean will certainly be missed.
Matt Schmit left a message on April 6, 2009:
TO EVERYONE WHO KNEW MY COUSIN SEAN, Sean was a guy that was unique and gifted in things that i will never be. He was a crafty individual that could take things apart and put them all together with ease. Man this is tough because we all know that Sean had so many more things to accomplish and people to touch in his life. I kmow one thing i will not forget and that is all the fun i have had with Sean, Gary, Steven, Mike and Laura. Each of you can probably remember a time with all of us together. We all had a great times especially with telling stories. I remember sean and miss him. I will always be available to anyone who needs to talk.
Laura Haywood left a message on April 6, 2009:
My sweet baby, in just a few days it will be a year and 1/2 since you left. I still miss you every day. I cry when I am alone. Your dad hasn't been able to cry, but he is so sad he just acts like he could care less about anything. I hope now that you are out of the daily weight of life you can finally see, feel and accept how many people how have always loved you. I know this was something you could never see when you were here. You still have a place in my heart and mind, and always will. You were my baby and my welcome home present from your daddy. I still remember the amazment I felt when the nurse told me I was having you. I found out the good new on my birthday in 1978. I was so happy. I wanted you and loved you and tried my best to protect you, even from yourself. Gary's wedding is coming up. Our family is still finding our way with you not in the picture. I speak to your brother and it just reminds me I'll never hear your voice or hug you or see your sweet smile. I understand better now the pain you were feeling and how making it stop was so important for that split second. I miss you and love you and hold on to the thought you are at peace, finally. You could do a bit better at the haunting part Jaime talks about. I'd love to have you stop by. love forever--- your Mom
Wichmann Funeral Home & Crematories left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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