Anne Marie Strauch
December 27, 1951 - March 28, 2020
Stephanie (Zabel) Drewa
Victoria Williams Kriegl
Karen Clarke
Karla Boncher
Harry and Rae Ann Schroeder
Bill and Patricia StThomas
Wendy Allen
Jennifer Schilcher
Kristian Le Capitaine
Hillary Miller
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A long-time resident of Appleton, WI., born to Russell and Bonnie (Groff) Beckman on December 27th, 1951, Anne (Sosinski) passed away on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 at home, surrounded by her family. She was a beloved mother, nana, friend, cousin, sister-in-law, and community servant. In 2014, she earned an international certification in Volunteer Administration. She…

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Stephanie (Zabel) Drewa left a message on October 5, 2020:
I am so sorry to find that Ann has passed away. thoughts are with you.
Dick Kirk left a message on May 10, 2020:
I never saw Anne's obit until a few minutes ago and did not know she had passed. I have known her for many years and she used to provide the food for the bar I owned Reggies every Friday night. She was a good friend and I used to see and her and husband at the casino when I worked there. She was always a wonderful person for the many years I have known her. I am real sorry to hear of her passing. I must have missed this in the post crescent if it was even listed.
Victoria Williams Kriegl left a message on April 7, 2020:
I will never forget your bright smile. You will be missed.
Rev. Hope Engeseth left a message on April 6, 2020:
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Anne was such a wonderful person. We met at Goodwill when I moved heer to become the chaplain on the Circles of Care Team in April of 2015. Her wisdom, energy, passion and most of all her smile will forever remain in my memory of her. Peace be with you.
Karen Clarke left a message on April 4, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Karen Clarke lit a candle
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
Karla Boncher left a message on April 4, 2020:
Remember many good times singing together at high school & other places. My thoughts are with your family. Karla (Sommer) Boncher
Patricia DeMarco left a message on April 4, 2020:
My thoughts are prayers are with you all through this difficult time. Anne's memory will be forever in so many hearts. I remember all the fun times following our sons around every basketball gym, football field and baseball diamond in Wisconsin and beyond. We cheered, we laughed (big belly laughs), we cared, we shared, we cried, but always we loved family time, sports and life. Anne your smile lit up every room you entered. It now will light up the sky and heavens for all to share. Our saving grace in this sorrow is knowing you are now in the arms of Jesus with no more suffering. Fly free with the angels my friend, and we will continue to spread YOUR joy and love here on earth. Forever in my Heart Love, Patti
Deanna Johnston left a message on April 4, 2020:
Anne, I will miss your incredible smile, your kindness, your love for your family. You connected with my girls, Stacy volunteered for Circles, and Jill called you Auntie Em….You had such a way of connecting with people. When I was watching your wonderful video, tears flowed. Please dear Angel Anne watch over us as you did down here. They are lucky to have you up there. Til we meet again dear friend. Love you girl.....I'm so sad for your wonderful family. Sending peace to them.
Glory (Gogo) Towns left a message on April 4, 2020:
I left a condolence, but I don’t see it, so I’ll try again. Anne- You were my 4th sister, my cousin! We were like sisters, like our mothers were. We grew up together! You were only one year older than me, and I know we were very close! So many sleep overs- even though you lived next door to me, when we were very young! We played together, and fought together like real sisters! We went to school together- even high school. Then our weddings! You had me in “all” your weddings, lol. And I had you in “all” of mine! Then we had a contest to see who could have two girls and a boy! Guess what! We both won! We even went to church together, so I know we will see each other in heaven again. This is one of the hardest goodbyes to write- I love you, my cousin, my sister! Who’s going to call me Gogo with you gone? And our birthdays! We both remembered each other’s birthdays every year! We never missed one! Goodbye, I shall love you always, Gogo ❤️😢😢😢
Harry and Rae Ann Schroeder left a message on April 4, 2020:
Our love sent to everyone. Anne was a special person, she filled our hearts with joy and kindness. Anne was always about family! She will always have a special place in our hearts! Blessings sent!
Bill and Patricia StThomas left a message on April 4, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Bill and Patricia StThomas lit a candle
Laure left a message on April 4, 2020:
Dearest Anne, I've known you since 1989 and we have always kept in touch until 2 weeks ago… I will remember you as a very king, caring, & happy person. We are not seperated today: you'll always be present in my heart, and in Heaven we'll be reunited. Love you !
Julie and Nick Rusch left a message on April 4, 2020:
Our thoughts and prayers are with Anne's family. We wish we could be there. Much love to you all.
Vicki J Martinek left a message on April 4, 2020:
I remember you coming over to the Lietz cousins' house when we were little. Everyone would squeal with joy as you leaped out of your parents car and we would all say "Anne Marie is here"! It was an honor and a joy to have you in my life. The world will miss you. Hugs from Vic as you always called me, even though I didn't particularly like being called that, but it was OK coming from you.
Wendy Allen left a message on April 4, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Wendy Allen lit a candle
Patrick and Tina Jeffers left a message on April 4, 2020:
Anne, you were a ray of sunshine in every family gathering. We will all miss you greatly! Rest in Jesus's arms dear Anne!
LEANNE LINE left a message on April 4, 2020:
Cherish your memories of Anne and know that we are thinking of you at this sad time. Paul and Leanne
Jennifer Schilcher left a message on April 4, 2020:
Sending love and fond memories of Anne to everyone who knew her and loved her, and to the community she impacted so greatly.
John E Koga left a message on April 4, 2020:
It all happened too fast, Anne. Life, I mean. We started to know you through volleyball and grew to love you more each year. Some may say you have died and no longer exist. But that is not true. You have transitioned to eternal life. You are more alive than ever. That is not just my belief. I know it is true because the only person to have returned from death to life, as witnessed by thousands, promised it. And it is not just a hazy form of existence. Jesus said, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God, have faith also in me. In my Father's house there are many dwelling places. If there were not, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?" (John 14:1-2) So it is fact. If I, a sinner, would grant you a beautiful eternity, I know a merciful God has granted you even more. Pray for us, Anne, so we may join you in God's good time. I send my love and thanks for your sparkling friendship. John-John
Kristian Le Capitaine left a message on April 4, 2020:
Anne may you legacy live on in all our hearts. I was blessed to have such a cool and unconditionally loving family member. You have touched many lives. Thanks for you support from childhood into my adult life. I love you and will miss you.
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
Hillary Miller left a message on April 4, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Hillary Miller lit a candle
Samantha Shapiro (Groff) left a message on April 4, 2020:
My heart and prayers go out to all the family and friends. May we all remember that Auntie Anne is always watching over us.
Annie Reilly left a message on April 4, 2020:
My heart breaks for you. Praying for peace for you and yours. Much love to you all.
Jessica H left a message on April 4, 2020:
Danielle, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
Jennifer Perry left a message on April 4, 2020:
Oh, Anne. We never went anywhere together that we didn't run into someone you knew. You were related to them, you had gone to school with them, served on a committee with them, or dated them. You called me "my Jen." I never told you that I don't really like being called Jen. But coming from you, it was okay. And what could I have done about it anyway? You knew I had seasonal depression, and so you decided that getting a real Christmas tree would help. Goober sat on my lap in your van and growled at me if I looked away or stopped petting him. I would find a tree I liked right away, and you told me I couldn't have a tree until I had looked at all the other trees. Or you would say, "That tree is too small, you can have it next year!" We sent each other get well cards...when our husbands got sick. It is so cruelly ironic that you, who knew everyone, passed away during a time when we can't gather in person to see you off and tell you how beloved you are. But I suppose you and all your new friends and fellow committe members are having a good laugh about that. Until we meet again, dear friend. Love, Your Jen
Karen Clarke left a message on April 4, 2020:
My memory is a time as teenagers. Anne's Dad had bought her a car that had a standard transmission but he taught her to drive on his car which was automatic. So... One day we tried coming up the old Prospect Street hill. We were stopped at the bottom and no other cars were around. Anne put it into first gear, let up on the brake, pushed down on the gas. After a short time, she shifted it into 2nd gear and we rolled back down the hill. At the bottom, she did this again. And again, we rolled back down. After 4 times of rolling back down, we were hysterical. Now at the bottom again, and laughing, there was a knock on the driver's window. Surprised, we looked and saw a police officer. He had been watching the whole time! He must have found some real humor in this. He had Anne move over and he drove the car up the hill with strict instructions that her father work with her on a standard. Of course, Anne being respectful asked if we could give him a ride back to his car. :-) He said "NO."
Karen Clarke left a message on April 4, 2020:
I miss you dear friend. I cannot believe you have gone.
Cheryl & Bill Strauch left a message on April 3, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Cheryl & Bill Strauch lit a candle
Cheryl & Bill Strauch left a message on April 3, 2020:
Anne always had a smile for everyone, and had a way of making everyone feel good. She will be missed very much by everyone - especially her extended family. We are so very sorry for your loss. Cheryl & Bill
Linda Mueller left a message on April 3, 2020:
Anne was awesome! Her compassion, kindness and joy were catching. She was a great prankster! Having a big party one night, she called me to tell me that they decided to make it a pajama party, so come in Jammies, so I did. And I was the on,y one because I'm the only one she called. Annabelle, as I called her, was such a fun woman, full of life. She is missed greatly, and I assume she is at the Big Pajama Party in heaven!
Mary ruelle left a message on April 3, 2020:
Anne was someone I looked up too. I met Anne when I joined circles almost 2years ago. Anne was there for me she gave me encouragement. I will always rember her big heart and Hugh smile. I love you Anne and will forever miss you
Judy Koga left a message on April 3, 2020:
Anne and I were friends for over 30 years. She was the best friend I ever had! She was also an honorary member of my family. Everyone in my family loved her. And she loved us. We shared the many ups and downs of life. I could always count on Anne to be a thoughtful, caring listener. Someone who never failed to encourage and give good counsel. Those who met Anne quickly discovered how fun and enthusiastic she was. Oftentimes with a twinkle in her eye she would suggest doing things that were a bit mischievous. Not only suggesting but actually carrying through with her ideas! On more than one occasion she convinced me to participate in one of her schemes. To those reading this, I know you know what I'm talking about!!! I'd love to hear your stories. [email protected] When I first met Anne she had to figure out what to call me. My name is Judy but that would never do for her. So she called me Judes. I know many others have a special name she provided for them too! It was her way, a sweet way, she had to instantly connect with people to make them feel special. She spent much of her life serving the community. She worked tirelessly to bring people together to make life better for others. Whenever she encountered a roadblock, she was very creative to figure a way around. She truly cared about others. My dear friend Anne, I wish you didn't have to go so soon. I thought we were going to grow old together. Remember we were going to be greeters at Walmart? I miss you terribly already. Until we meet again.... Love you forever! Judes (Judy Koga)
Melody Fucik left a message on April 2, 2020:
My favorite memory of my classmate Anne from Jackson Elementary School was our elaborate Barbie play time. We were about eight. We would discuss our Barbie play ideas then put together shoe boxes, baby doll furniture, scraps of material and broken bits of mom’s costume jewelry. Then design the whole layout with evening dresses made of cast off dress slips and lace, tied on with hair ribbons or shoe strings. We didn’t have Ken dolls. So all boy doll dates were imagined. We would have about a six foot section in the middle of our tiny living room all laid out to start playing. It took hours to set it up. Just as we were about to play - mom would yell from the kitchen to say Anne had to pack up so she wouldn’t be late going home. Nooooo! I still see her with her bangs and braids like a Chatty Cathy doll. Dressed in a 1950’s flowered dress with a white collar and white socks and her black patent leather school shoes. Sitting cross legged across from me holding her Barbie. We learned together as friends to make do. Take turns and be happy with what we had. Use our imagination and enjoy the moment- even if we never got to play out the fabulous Barbie scenario we had planned. Anne, Thank you, for your intelligence and service. Your compassion and caring spirit. You organized many scenarios in business and your personal life and saw them come to fruition. I’m sure you had lots of ideas and plans in your mind to work on and finish for the future. Just like our play time , I’m sorry to say, you were called home too soon! To Anne’s family, I wish you peace and love. Melody ( Mauk) Fucik
Louise (Pardee) Euclide left a message on April 2, 2020:
One especially fond memory is of Dawn as an infant. Your mom and I were singing “I Am Woman” and dancing around the house with you in our arms. Be well. Take care.
Louise (Pardee) Euclide left a message on April 2, 2020:
Anne and I lived just a block apart growing up and did everything together. We had sleepovers, went to the park for activities, walked downtown on Saturdays and basically hung out together every chance we had. The Prange’s store downtown had a candy counter and Anne and I would each buy about 25 cents worth. Anne liked the chocolate covered orange jelly candy and the non-pareils. One time Bobby Vinton has an appearance at Prange’s and we asked for his autograph. Anne asked him to sign her hand and then declared that she was never going to wash that hand again. As young teens Anne and I went to lots of dances at the YMCA and also the CAC dances. Every time I hear a song from that time I smile and think of her. When we were 16, we both got jobs at Food King, which was in Richmond Street. We had skirt and top uniforms and always rolled our skirts up at the waist to make them shorter (mini skirts were “in” at the time). Our boss continually reminded us to roll them back down. We have remained friends over our lives. I had lunch with her just a couple months ago. I will miss her greatly, but she’ll be in my heart forever. Sending my condolences to all of you. Take care.
Connie left a message on April 2, 2020:
I still remember the memories we had on Halloween on my trampoline. You will be loved by many. Rest In Peace.
Linda Wolcott left a message on April 2, 2020:
After speaking to Anne briefly at the last Appleton East-West reunion, I was looking forward to talking with her again at the 50th reunion in August. She remembered that at one point in our lives we were best friends! I so wish I had never lost touch with her; it sounds like she had a great life!
Carol Cumber left a message on April 2, 2020:
So sorry for your loss... Anne always had a smile.May God put His arms around you during this time...
Peter Beckley left a message on April 2, 2020:
Anne & I met at the Outagamie County Board where we became friends. She was always very gregarious and enthusiastic about all the venues our area has to offer. She was a wonderful gal with a contagious smile. I will miss her.
Lynn Hagee left a message on April 2, 2020:
Wayne, So sorry to hear about Anne's passing. My thoughts are with you.
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
Ray/Jean Reimann left a message on April 2, 2020:
Anne has been a blessing to so many people, including us. May your family find peace in the knowledge that she is with her maker and creator. Godspeed Anne.
Sharon Zika left a message on April 1, 2020:
468 GOLDENROD CIR N When you buy good quality merchandise like a car or furniture it doesn't wear out. My cousin Anne was like that because she left a legacy that will never wear out. She touched hearts with the work that she did. When you touch hearts those people can never forget you. My heart is broken from the loss of my cousin and dear friend Anne, but the way she understood me will never pass away.
louis f blasczyk left a message on April 1, 2020:
One of the giants of our Fox Valley Community will be missed greatly. I worked with Anne a number of years when she coordinated the "Circles of Support" program that she managed through Goodwill Industries. Nothing but fond memories.
Lois Hilger left a message on April 1, 2020:
I met Anne through a prayer group called Moms in Touch. We met at 6:00 am every Tuesday morning throughout the school year. We started with praying for the students and staff of Franklin School, then moved onto Roosevelt and then Appleton North. Anne was always heading up activities like You're Jamakin' me Crazy, (a winter event at Roosevelt), helping with the school carnival, and baseball. We crossed paths many times as we worked on campaigns, cub scouts, and everything in between. Anne lived a full life without regret. She was a true friend to me. Regardless how much time had gone by, we could always pick up where we left off. I have always loved her spontaneity and enthusiasm for life.
MaryKay left a message on April 1, 2020:
Anne was a special individual. She was able to interact with anyone and everyone. She was caring, dedicated, and willing to help others at every turn. I knew her through the APD when she recruited me and a friend to become volunteers (and quickly gave us appropriate nicknames that fit us to a T). While the work we did was serious, we shared many laughs. Anne was a breath of fresh air every time I saw her and, no matter how busy she was, she brought ideas and cheer to the table. I miss her dearly and will remember her with fondness.
MB left a message on March 31, 2020:
I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the Strauch family. May those precious memories of your dear loved one Anne Marie be foremost in your hearts and minds along with this wonderful promise that our creator makes to us at Revelation 21:4 and the marvelous guarantee in verse 5. Again, my sincere condolences.
Julie Bahr left a message on March 31, 2020:
Anne was a special person who will be missed by many. I very much enjoyed the time I worked with her at the Appleton Police Department. I appreciated her ideas, her ability to connect with people from all walks of life, her compassion for those in need, her laughter, and her friendship. She loved life, but above all, loved her family, especially her precious grandchildren who she was very proud of. Rest In Peace, my friend.
Nanny left a message on March 31, 2020:
Anne Strauch was uncommon in the lives of the countless people she touched. I'm one of the countless. Being that I was Anne's little cuz, Nanny, she always called me Nanny because everyone she knew had a nickname; I have the privilege of holding memories of her for as long as I've had memories. Through my whole life to the last time I spoke with her a short time ago, the intonation of her voice and her bubbly laugh, said she genuinely valued our unique bond. When we were lucky enough to shared a tiny office at the Thompson Center and saw each other on a regular basis, she was always glad to see me. And the sentiment was likewise. Honestly life handed her more than her fair share of lemons. But she climbed to the top of her lemon mountain and lived life undefeated. She spread her love, joy and knowledge around liberally throughout her life. I have a regret for not being more in touch over these last difficult months she's had. Oh Annie, I am truly sorry. Time IS short. Why does it take the sting of death to drive home that reality? She's gone. That thought haunts me and causes a churning ache to well up deep inside my core. But then I vividly picture her healthy. With face beaming, she's fishing off a dock on an eternally sweet summer day. Then a peaceful comfort wells up out of my darkness. It is well with my soul
Terry left a message on March 31, 2020:
I met and began working with Anne through CCOS. Anne really cared about many things and many people but what set her apart was the amount of energy and work she put into caring. It wasn't just emotion it was devotion. I was blessed to have known her and to have learned from her. Ter (as should would call me)
Michael Smith left a message on March 31, 2020:
I had the greatest pleasure to know Anne when I was her alderman and she was my county supervisor. We laughed together and worked together to make our community better. She did great work working with the Appleton PD on National Lights Out and working with the FD when we worked together on October Fire Prevention Month. She will be missed, but not forgotten.
Beth Jasiak left a message on March 31, 2020:
Anne was a dear lady who brought a lot of passion, energy and joy with her when she worked with us as the Community Engagement Coordinator at the Appleton Police Department. She is fondly remembered not only as a friend, but also as a woman of strong faith and conviction. There’s no doubt when the sun set on her life here on earth, there was a glorious sunrise and great rejoicing in heaven.
Nancy Scheuerman left a message on March 31, 2020:
Anne’s service to her community was so appreciated by many people. Rest In Peace.
Jim and Debbie Groff left a message on March 30, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Jim and Debbie Groff lit a candle
Renu tagger left a message on March 30, 2020:
My heartiest condolences to the family. My sweet ever smiley friend is always in my heart. May God rest her soul in peace.
Anne Baruth left a message on March 30, 2020:
We first met Anne 30 odd years ago. We knew her as a dynamic Christian woman ... an instant friend. As the years went on, her heart for the downtrodden and for bringing people together in positive, life affirming ways made her a community treasure. She will be missed.
Ronna Swift left a message on March 30, 2020:
Anne shown a bright light in the world. My favorite memory is talking to her before she interviewed at Goodwill for the Circles of Support job. Because I was teaching inside the biggest prison in WI at OSCI, I gave her some inside information. I also lucked out and saw Bob P on the day she interviewed. I told him he better hire her. She put her heart and soul in whatever she did. She will be sorely missed by many.
Julia Krull left a message on March 30, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Julia Krull lit a candle
Tracey Faizi-Savova left a message on March 30, 2020:
Remarkable woman. May she Rest In Peace.
Chuck & Charlie Groff left a message on March 30, 2020:
Anne always had a smile for everyone, she had a way of making everyone feel good... so very sorry for your loss. Chuck & Charlie
Roy De Ruyter left a message on March 30, 2020:
I am saddened to hear of Anne's passing. I feel so grateful that I got to know Anne! I am a Circles volunteer. She was an amazing woman. She definitely left a great mark on the world. We all were blessed to know her.
Jim Golembeski left a message on March 30, 2020:
Anne and I worked closely together on the Circles of Support program for many years and I admired her greatly. I enjoyed her company as well and we always laughed together. I am surprised and saddened to know that she has passed on to whatever comes next for us all.
Julie & Stu left a message on March 30, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Julie & Stu lit a candle
Stephen Otto left a message on March 30, 2020:
In memory of Anne Marie Strauch, Stephen Otto lit a candle
connie L raether left a message on March 29, 2020:
My dear friend Anne. She touched so many people through her service on the county board, her work at Circles of Support, and so much more. I will miss her so much and our community will miss her as well. Truly one of the "good people" I can say I have been blessed to know. She always signed off her texts, "love ya Cons." So, signing off now..."love ya Anne."
Kathy left a message on March 29, 2020:
Anne was such an inspiration to us all at Circles of Support. She was kind, caring and enthusiastic. As a volunteer I always appreciated her continued encouragement. She showed so much compassion and respect for the participants. As a dear friend she will be greatly missed.
Wichmann Funeral Home & Crematories left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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